Successful marketing is a PROCESS, not an EVENT

by Karl Murphy,  Carolina Auto Spa

The message today:

Successful marketing is a PROCESS, not an EVENT.

If you are unhappy with the results of your marketing, you are not really marketing your business and you want to get started now…. create a marketing process for your business will maximize your investment in marketing dollars.

So what is the difference between events and processes?  Let’s use fitness, running and marathons as an example.  I know running long distances is something ever car wash owner does on a weekly basis so this is a very appropriate analogy….

The marathon is the event.  Life-long fitness is the process.  The marathon races occur infrequently (for most of us).  They tend to occur on one day.  Fitness is the process that occurs over a lifetime.  Each day we get up and exercise.  We run, lift weights, eat healthy, ride a bike, take a class at a gym, do cross training, go for a hike, etc

So how does process vs. event affect your ability to do well running?  If you show up on race day for a marathon, enter, run and perform poorly or don’t complete the race because you didn’t train for weeks in advance…that seems like a reasonable outcome.  Your marketing reacts the same way to events.  If you decide to one day run an ad, buy a Valpak ad, run a radio spot or buy a cable TV ad with no process, strategy and continuity over time you will have little or no success.  One ad, little or no preparation equals no success.  Just like running marathons or any road race, with your marketing it is unlikely that single event will have any measurable positive impact on your business.  In fact event driven marketing can be very damaging because you develop bad habits in your business “my marketing doesn’t work…I’m not going to invest in “X” any more.”

I coach and educate business owners on marketing and sales every week and I hear this a lot.  “I did one or two of something and we didn’t grow our business.” One of the biggest challenges I face is creating marketing process based habits in the owner.  Much like my children, owners want immediate impact from the first event.  It just doesn’t work that way.

You need to market your business every day, week and month religiously if you expect to make a difference.  You need a great USP (unique selling proposition).  A USP is the “why me,” “why should you spend your money with my business over all other options available to you to spend your money.”

Every hour, day or week you are not executing some sort of marketing event to share your USP’s with clients and potential clients you are missing opportunities and allowing competitors access your clients.  If you are not starting conversations and developing relationships with your clients and prospects, you can bet a competitor is.

A brief word about the competition today, if you haven’t been paying attention THERE IS a new economy.  Today consumers at all income levels are more discerning with their discretionary income.  Because of this new more difficult consumer mindset you now compete with everyone else and everywhere else the consumer may spend his or her discretionary income.  You just don’t compete with other car wash and detail facilities.  You compete with vacations, car payments, house cleaning services, laundry and dry cleaning, auto repair services, children’s parties, gym memberships, new clothes.  Today you literally compete with every other discretionary item that a consumer MAY spend money on.

May the sunshine on your wash and the car lines stretch all the way down your street.

What are your events driven by process or maybe no marketing plans and need a plan?

What works for you?

What questions do you have?

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